ISU grad gets hands-on internship experience to secure full-time job

Joy Wessels

As students take the classes necessary to obtain a degree, the daunting task of finding a job in the “real world” comes closer with every passing day.

While some students have longer to go than others, it is good to start thinking about what you can do to boost your resume so that you stand out to potential employers.

ISU graduate Clint Weinberg knew that it was important to get involved while still in college. Before securing a full-time job right after graduation as a design engineer at Vermeer, a company that designs agricultural equipment, Weinberg did a lot of career-related work while getting his degree in mechanical engineering.

“I would definitely recommend lining up internships while still in school,” Weinberg said. “It’s also good to get involved with clubs and organizations that are related to your major.”

Weinberg did just that. During the summer and fall of his sophomore year, he did a co-op at Altec, a company that designs utility trucks and other equipment in Missouri.

During the following summer, Weinberg interned for a company that does custom engineering for Fortune 500 companies. He then helped build railway equipment for Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. during the summer preceding his senior year.

Weinberg also recommends that students utilize the career fair held each semester for students. But, he said, do not go empty handed or without knowing what sort of companies will be there. Even if you are not looking for an internship, it is still a good idea to go just to see what companies come to look for ISU students.

“Students should research different companies they’re interested in,” Weinberg said. “I researched companies that I knew I could be hands-on at and ones that involved heavy machinery.”

Narrowing down your interests will also help to ensure that you find the right job for you.

Taking advantage of internships, getting involved with clubs and organizations on campus, and researching companies that come to the career fair, not only will help you feel prepared about entering the working world, but also will be a great prospect for employers.