Change your hair for the new school year

Need a new look for back to school? Try one of the latest trends and you’ll knock everyone off their feet the first day of classes.

Cut your hair short

Shorter styles like the pixie cut have been huge with starlets during the past couple of seasons. Emma Watson, to give just one example, has sported a sophisticated yet fun cropped cut lately. This style is great for a bold new look. Before you try out a look like this, however, remember you may eventually need to grow that mane back out. Plan accordingly.

Go for a bob

Not quite ready to take the plunge on a pixie? Go for a bob. Stars like January Jones and Jessica Alba have been seen rocking this more versatile cut. It’s perfect if you want to keep the comfort and convenience of a ponytail but want something new and edgy. This cut comes in a range of lengths, so there’s a bob to suit every facial structure.

Try a new color

If shedding your locks isn’t for you, a new color is the way to go. Ombré highlights are all the rage and are easy to maintain. Ombré hair-dyeing techniques keep your roots dark while lightening the ends. Celebrities such as Lauren Conrad and Sarah Jessica Parker are fans of this beachy, laid-back look.