Spiritual involvement is easy on campus

Elly Arganbright

At Iowa State University, students have the chance to become involved spiritually through a range of clubs and activities.

“It’s really amazing, the diversity we have here at Iowa State,” said Alex Anderson, treasurer of the Interfaith Council of Iowa State. 

The council is a student organization made up of representatives from different spiritual clubs that handles issues relating to religion on campus.

“Our goal is to foster understanding and foster working together across religious divides,” Anderson said.

Students don’t have to travel far to experience religions from around the world.

“We have the ability to learn about it right on campus,” Cody LeClaire, former interim council chair of the council, said.

ISU students have currently formed over 20 religious and spiritual clubs representing various beliefs, from Christianity to Islam to Buddhism to atheism and more.

Both LeClaire and Anderson said that the best way for students to learn about the numerous clubs at Iowa State is to attend ClubFest, an event organized by the Student Activities Center.

At ClubFest, whcouncilh will be held on Sept. 7 in the Great Hall at the Memorial Union, students have the chance to explore clubs, including those with spiritual foundations.

Many clubs host activities, meetings and gatherings on or near campus throughout the school year, giving students the opportunity to become involved spiritually and expand their education beyond academic realms.

Students can find a list of diverse religious celebrations on the Diversity Calendar on the council’s website at www.interfaith.stuorg.iastate.edu. The council’s Facebook fan page, Interfaith Council of Iowa State University, also has a list of religious services in Ames.

For more information about the various spiritual clubs at Iowa State, visit ISU’s webpage at iastate.edu. Find the link for Student Organizations and Clubs under the “S” index, and click on “Religious/Spiritual” to find a list of current spiritual clubs at Iowa State.