Presidential candidate to visit Cafe Diem Tuesday


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock

Jake Webster

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock was among the last to join the sprawling field of Democratic candidates running for their party’s presidential nomination. Tuesday, he will become the latest to visit Ames.

Bullock will hold a meet and greet at Cafe Diem at noon Tuesday.

Bullock has served as Governor of Montana since 2013, being elected governor by a margin of 49-47 in 2012, as Mitt Romney carried the state over then-President Barack Obama 55-42. Bullock was re-elected in 2016 by a margin of 50-46, as President Donald Trump won the state over Hillary Clinton 56-36.

The Bullock campaign highlights these margins on his website, saying Bullock is the only candidate in the Democratic primary who has “won a Trump state”.

During Bullock’s tenure as governor, Montana has expanded medicaid, and he has vetoed attempts by the Republican-controlled state legislature to limit access to abortion in the state.

Bullock previously served as attorney general of Montana and graduated law school at Columbia University, later teaching law at George Washington University.

On Bullock’s campaign website, there is a web page entitled “Who the heck is Steve Bullock?” Bullock has a national name recognition of 48%, according to a Morning Consult poll.

A Change Research poll of likely Iowa caucus goers found Bullock with 50% name recognition in the state. Bullock is the first choice of 0% of caucus goers and the second choice of 1%, according to the poll.