Unique wedding favors in a snap


Photo courtesy of Nuzum Photo

Unique wedding favors, like these bird seed hearts, don’t have to break the bank.

Jolie Monroe

Preparing for a wedding can be one of the most tedious things a couple has to do. Checklists go on for pages and pages, but one of those tasks just got easier: wedding favors. Unique and simple wedding favors no longer have to break the bank.

Sarah Harvey, of Des Moines, was married June 25 and had a garden-themed wedding. Harvey and her husband, Erik, decided to give out heart-shaped bird seed hanging on string.

How was she able to come up with such a unique favor?  “We got our wedding favors from Etsy.com. I searched for ‘wedding favors,'” Harvey explained.

Etsy.com allows different sellers to post items for the public to search and purchase. Most items are handmade or vintage.

After doing a bit of searching, Harvey found the hearts made by the seller Nature Favors, which she thought would match her theme.

“After I found the ones I liked, it was very easy to order them,” Harvey said.

After a website search, a payment and a delivery, the Harveys were able to give out a unique wedding favor to show their appreciation for their guests.

Here are a few other easy ideas that can be put together in a pinch:

Pump up the jams

A mixed CD of the couple’s favorite songs is a gift that guests will be excited about, and will remind them of the couple everytime they listen to it. Making this gift is as simple as burning the discs.

Customized sweets

Couples can have customized wrappers printed to roll around chocolate bars or mint rolls. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and easy to give out.

Just add water and sunshine

Spring and summer are the perfect time for this wedding favor. Couples can pick their favorite flower — preferably one from the bouquet — and give out seed packets for that flower with ribbon and tags around the package. This way, guests can actually grow something in their backyard that is a reminder of the marriage. Just make sure the flower grows from a seed instead of a bulb.

Baby, it’s cold outside

What’s better in the winter than a homemade baked good or hot chocolate? Couples can layer ingredients for their favorite goodie in a mason jar, and then attach the baking instructions around the lid.