Intramurals offer competition for students throughout school year

Joy Wessels

When you find yourself with some downtime between classes, homework and the other commitments of college life, take a break and enjoy some additional things that Iowa State has to offer.

As a student here, you have access to an abundance of activities available through intramurals. If you’re looking for a 3-on-3 basketball league, a card tournament or an opportunity for competitive swimming, Iowa State has something for you.

Starting in the fall, students can get involved with as many intramurals as they want. Shelby Hinrichsen, junior in biology and head building coordinator at Lied Recreation Center, said that different activities vary in their lengths.

“A basketball tournament can last for months,” Hinrichsen said. “Our card tournaments usually last only a day.”

Students can sign up for individual events or get a team together for intramurals. Hinrichsen also said that it’s very easy to organize for students living in the dorms.

“There’s usually an intramural chair for every floor in the dorms, who will organize and register teams for different events,” Hinrichsen said.

If students have friends living in other dorms that they’d rather play with, or they would like to register for themselves, the process is still easy. Students can simply go to the recreation services website, pick out the event on the intramural page, and register the team online.

The majority of intramurals are also covered by student fees as well, so nothing additional has to be paid. Some events that are an exception to this are broomball and golf events that require facilities outside of Iowa State. Though there is an additional fee, it’s usually only $5 dollars per team member.

Students can also make their intramural experience as competitive as they want. With every event, there are usually multiple levels offered.

“There typically are four different classes ranging from A to D,” Hinrichsen said. “A is the most competitive, and D is a lot more laid back.”

Intramurals aren’t just meant for those with athletic abilities, though many events include sports — such as basketball, soccer, football and volleyball — that are offered by high schools. There are competitions available for sports that aren’t typically offered competitively in high school like ultimate Frisbee, table tennis and bowling. There are even rarer activities — such as competitive foosball, curling and Texas Hold’em — offered as well.

With so many different intramurals offered at Iowa State, you’ll be sure to find something just right for you and your friends.