2011 Straw Poll candidate profile: Michele Bachmann


Michele Bachmann

Jessica Opoien

Michele Bachmann



  • First Republican woman to be elected by Minnesotans to the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Touts her “Tea Party values” and her beliefs in “constitutional conservatism” and limited government
  • Is a “champion of free markets and she believes in the vitality of the family as the first unit of government,” according to her website
  • Describes herself as a “defender of the unborn” and “staunchly stands for religious liberties”
  • Tax reform is one of her primary focuses 

In a July 28 Pew Research Center poll, 11 percent of Republican voters said they would like to see Bachmann win the party’s nomination. Although she is not the party’s frontrunner, the same poll found that Bachmann is the “most visible candidate in the GOP field.”

According to a July 27 Gallup poll, Bachmann has gained the most support since June among announced Republican candidates, jumping from 7 percent to 18 percent.