Vriezen: Beat the heat in style

Claire Vriezen

When your glasses fog up as you step out of an air-conditioned building, you know that it’s disgustingly hot and humid out.

The summer of 2011 has been breaking records left and right when it comes to temperature highs. (Global warming, anyone?) With people striving to remain in air conditioning or in the coolest place they can find, this may limit outdoor activities.

Anyone who wants to brave the heat and go outside must slather on the sunscreen and load up on water bottles. And even then, the humidity will be liable to drive even the brave indoors.

So in lieu of going on a summer bike ride, playing soccer or tossing a disc, what is a homebound person to do? While it may be fun to spend the day watching your favorite TV episode or playing your new video game, even that will get tiresome after awhile.

To some, it may not sound like a fun activity, but it can still be a refreshing one: tidying and rearranging your living space. Yes, it involves cleaning, but when your desk or bedroom is all spruced up and everything put away properly, it may be that satisfying addition to your day that makes you feel productive and organized. Rearranging your space simply serves to change up your routine, and maybe find a new way to utilize your area. A change in scenery can be a nice way to clear your head, or give yourself a different perspective. This can apply to interior scenery as well.

If moving around furniture isn’t your cup of tea, you can always turn to the age-old lifesaver: a book. Dust off your favorite book that you haven’t read in a while. Take a look at the part of your booklist that you haven’t worked your way through yet. Maybe pick up that book your friend recommended to you and see if it’s any good.

Apartment-dwellers out there who have a kitchen: get a few ingredients and try out a new recipe. If you don’t cook or bake that often, pick one favorite recipe to perfect as your signature dish. If you live with roommates, I doubt they will mind being guinea pigs for all your endeavors, especially if you discover a formula for the perfect smoothie for an unbearably hot day.

If the heat is keeping you from your daily exercise routine, head down to the gym, or find a yoga or Pilates workout online. If you still want to exercise outside, grab some friends and head to the nearest pool.

Eventually, this heat wave will end, and it will be safe to venture outside without fear of melting. Until then, remaining homebound for your own comfort — and safety — shouldn’t be a confining action. Take the time to catch up on activities you’ve been putting off for a while or to teach yourself something new.