Committee search for next ISU president continues

Ben Theobald

Applications are currently being accepted for the position of ISU president. 

The Iowa Board of Regents made an agreement with Parker Executive Search Firm of Atlanta, Ga. to assist it with the search for a candidate to replace President Gregory Geoffroy.

Geoffroy announced that he would be stepping down in March.

Roger Underwood, an ISU alumnus, and Labh Hira, dean of the College of Business, were named co-chairs of the search committee on June 8.

The committee is looking for a number of qualities in the candidates they plan to screen, Underwood said. 

“A few qualities we are looking for would include an understanding of the mission of an internationally prominent land-grant university,” Underwood said. “Someone who has a demonstrated commitment to academic freedom, freedom of expression, and experience in safeguarding these freedoms.

To warrant consideration, candidates must also be able to connect with the students and faculty.

“They need to have the ability to engage students,” Underwood said, adding that they also needed to show “commitment to diversity and understanding its many forms.”

Interested parties must give an application to Parker Executive Search.

Those who apply will have to submit their college transcript, university work and published work.

“I’ve seen some of the resumes listing the published work and they are extensive,” Underwood said.

The search committee will go through the list and break it down to eight or nine candidates by early fall.

“That committee will interview those eight or nine candidates in person,” Underwood said. “From there, we will submit three or five names to the Board of Regents.”

Those three or five candidates will visit the campus, where they can meet with students and faculty.

“They will be open for public inspections,” Underwood said. “It will be a very open process on that point. Everyone can weigh in and then the Board of Regents will make the final decision.”

Labh Hira could not be reached for comment.