Redesigns planned for print, online games pages

Brian Smith

This summer has been one of changes for the Daily. We’ve made a lot of improvements to our website, and we’ve had countless discussions about additional changes. One thing remains consistant in all of our discussions  — you, our community.

As we move forward with redesigning our print and online games pages, your input will help guide our decisions. We value your thoughts and opinions.

We are hoping to have brand new print and online games pages for the fall semester. We’re moving quickly on updates since classes resume in a little more than four weeks.

We’ve setup polls for the print games page and the online games page on our Facebook page so you can tell us what features you want to see on the pages. The great thing about Facebook polls is that anyone can add options. So, if you have a great idea we didn’t think of, please add it to the poll.

Now, I can’t guarantee that every option that gets votes will be possible, but we’ll look into them and include what we can.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know. You can post them here, on the Facebook polls or email me at [email protected]