Turn summer your summer fling into a relationship


Photo illustration: Kendra Plathe/Iowa State Daily

To keep your relationship interesting and romantic, leave each other little notes and messages.

Hanna Johansen

As the hot summer days free of lectures and studying draw to a close, hot summer romances may also begin to fizzle.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that says summer flings have to end once August rolls around. Why not challenge that rule this year?

Go on a real date

If you want your summer fling to turn into something more serious, the first step is to go on a real date. Pick a location where you can easily make conversation. It is important to find out if the two of you share common interests besides boating, barbeques and pool parties. Connecting on more than a physical level is key to carrying the summer lovin’ on into the rest of the year.

Muriel Templeton started her summer romance while interning at Cedar Point in Ohio last summer. “At first we just thought it was going to be a summer fling, but once we started actually getting to know each other, we both knew it was going to be so much more,” Templeton said.

Try a new activity

As the saying goes, “Couples that play together, stay together.” Find some fun activities you haven’t tried before. This will allow the two of you to share new experiences and grow as a couple.

“My boyfriend and I would plan day trips to places neither of us had been. Sharing these new experiences really allowed us to bond on a deeper level,” Templeton said.

Make concrete plans for the future

If you think your relationship has post-summer potential, make plans to attend an event in the fall such as a concert or football game. By buying tickets in advance, it will show commitment and will keep your relationship from disappearing like footprints in the sand.

“While getting to know each other, my summer romance and I found we both had a love for a country singer who was going to be playing a few months after the internship got over. His enthusiasm about going to the concert with me showed he wasn’t just looking to ditch me once the summer was over,” Templeton said.

Share your feelings

If you don’t let your crush know how you are feeling now, you may never get the chance to tell him or her again. Don’t just assume that the relationship has an early expiration date. Let your summer fling know you hope to stay in touch and see him or her. Though it is a daring move with the possibility of rejection, the risk may be worth it.

“A few weeks before I left for home, my boyfriend really opened up to me and told me he was hoping we could try to make things work. It took a lot of courage for him to be so straightforward with me, but it definitely paid off,” Templeton said.