Teenager reported missing taken into custody for assault

Ben Theobald

Department of Public Safety officers have located fugitive Californian 17-year-old Philip Siragusa and have taken him into custody.

Siragusa worked with Knights on the Move, a moving company run by Woodward Academy. Woodward Academy is a non-profit organization that specializes in rehabilitating troubled male youths. Knights on the Move is under contract with the university to work in unoccupied buildings.

“He was here working on behalf of that group,” said ISU Police Sgt. Elliott Florer. “One of the supervisors of Knights on the Move reported that Siragusa was not there.”

Shortly after Siragusa was reported missing, Department of Public Safety offers got a call indicating that an ISU student in Frederiksen Court was assaulted.

“While looking for this individual, we heard a woman was attacked and her description matched the description [given by] the Woodward Academy staff,” Florer said.

During the call the officers received, the caller said that a man had entered her apartment and assaulted her.

“He punched her in the face,” Florer said. “She fought him off and he fled the area.”

Siragusa was located by officers near the intersection of Hayward Avenue and Storm Street.