Penny Rice leaving Iowa State

One of the things that comes to mind for Penny Rice is an open door to invite people into the Sloss House. Before she was the director, she used to walk past it every day and wonder what was inside.

Julia Ferrell

Since 1998, Penny Rice has been associated with the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center. She has directed the center, as well as serving as a lecturer for the women’s and gender studies program. On July 1, Rice will complete her final day of work at Iowa State. 

In 2000, Rice was promoted from her position as director of off-campus and adult student services to the directorship of the the center. Located between Curtiss Hall and the Gerdin Business Building in Sloss House, the center offers services to women campuswide.

“The high contact that I have with students in this role was incredibly rewarding. The opportunity to work with Sloss House was a joy,” said Rice.” I really enjoyed the breadth of what I do in serving students, staff and faculty.”

Rice said that since she earned her Ph.D. in educational leadership and policy studies in December 2009, she has been “looking for positions to expand the opportunities to serve a campus community.” Rice also said she wanted a new position which would provide “some challenge and some new experiences.”

Department of Residence Director Peter Englin served as her supervisor until 2005. He said that he and Rice have become “colleagues and friends” in the course of their work together.

“Penny is a champion for students who struggle to find their way at Iowa State,” Englin said. “Our community has benefited tremendously from her leadership and risk-taking on behalf of students.”

After leaving Iowa State, Rice will become an assistant professor of counseling and student personnel at Minnesota State University-Mankato. 

Her farewell reception will be held Monday from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Memorial Union’s Campanile Room.