Heat it up: Your guide to microwaves on campus

Setting foot on to the ISU Campus, incoming freshmen may be filled with a sense of freedom, uncertainty or anything in between. The last thing that needs to be added to the list of things to think about is where to heat up that Campbell’s Soup-to-Go, mom’s homemade casserole or even popcorn for a snack. There are numerous microwaves throughout campus, which at first can be hard to find.

However, we are here to help you get your grub on. The following details the buildings and the locations within each building where these microwaves can be found.

Grab a map and your favorite microwavable snack, and scope these places out for yourself on your very own self-guided Microwaves of Iowa State Tour. 

  • Agronomy Hall: 2nd floor; microwave is behind a wooden wall in the study area 
  • Bessey Hall: Main level; go through the middle set of doors. Microwave is directly ahead (and to the right of Room 156)
  • Carver Hall: Main level; enter through side entrance across from Beardshear Hall. Microwave is near the vending machines in 100 Lounge Area near Room 196
  • Coover Hall: Main level; enter through side entrance across from Atanasoff Hall. Microwave is near Room 2245
  • Gerdin Business Building: 1st Floor; Microwave is in the Gerdin Café
  • Gilman Hall: Main level; walk down the hallway past the benches. Microwave is near the intersection of Room 1700 and 1750
  • Hamilton Hall: Main level; Microwave is in a separate room across from the reading room 
  • The Hub: Microwave is in the back by the vending machines and across from Caribou coffee
  • Lagomarcino: Main level; The Café near Room 172W (West wing of the building) 
  • The Memorial Union: 1st floor; Microwave is in between the main dining area and the smaller area across from the patio entrance 
  • Kildee Hall: Ground Floor; Microwave is across from the animal mural hidden behind the stairs near the vending machines