Students move into residence halls as summer classes begin

Ben Theobald

Students moved into residence halls as summer classes began at Iowa State.

The main residence halls that students stay in for the summer are Buchanan, Fredrickson Court, Welch Hall and Schilleter Village.

“Fredrickson and Buchanan are popular because of their locations,” said Cameron Aisenbrey, a communications specialist for the Department of Residence.

The process for students to check into the residence halls for the summer is similar to that of the fall.

“You receive a movement packet just like in the fall,” Aisenbrey said. “The only thing that is a little different is we don’t have move-in help.”

New residents had all day Saturday, as well as Sunday, to move in for the summer.

“Students can move in at their own pace,” Aisenbrey said. “We don’t have any restrictions.”

Robert Guetzlaff, sophomore in mechanical engineering, moved into Buchanan because he wanted to save as much money as possible.

“Buchanan was the cheapest when I looked up rates on residence halls for the summer online,” Guetzlaff said. “I wanted the cheapest single.”

Markus Benson, sophomore in electrical engineering and resident of Buchanan, is looking forward to starting courses that will pertain to his major.

“It’s been exciting,” Benson said. “This is a whole new experience for me, living at residence halls during the summer.”

Edmund Ly, junior in electrical engineering, transferred from Scott Community College in Bettendorf.

“I will be taking prerequisite classes this summer,” Ly said.

Ly’s first choice was Fredrickson Court, but the residence hall was filled for the summer. So he decided to move into Buchanan instead.

“It’s a good location with it being close to campus,” Ly said.