Fighting Burrito closes Ames location

The Fighting Burrito on Welch Avenue.

Amber Mohmand

The owner of the Fighting Burrito, Matthew Goodman, announced on Facebook Tuesday that he will permanently close the Ames location’s doors this Friday. 

“It is with mixed emotions that I announce The Ames Fighting Burrito location will be closing permanently this week” Goodman said in the post.

The Fighting Burrito is located in Ames on Welch Avenue. The restaurant is known for their Northern California style burritos as well as their involvement within the Ames community.

In the Facebook post, Goodman said he would miss the Ames customers but he would also focus on the positive impact the restaurant had with the community.

“I will miss you all as customers, be you a burrito bowl lover or a late-night krispie treat purchaser.” Goodman wrote, “However, I want to leave on a happier note and focus on the things we were able to do together in our 14 years in Ames!”

The Fighting Burrito used electric vehicles for delivery which significantly decreased the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. They also used Ames products in order to help the local business.

Goodman said they offered an inclusive environment by promoting and hiring LGTBQIA+ members, women and people of color. They were able to promote cultural growth by sponsoring new events. Goodman was on the Ames City Council and was actively engaged with several community groups.

“I was able to work tirelessly with others to build a better community for everyone in and outside of the walls of The Fighting Burrito” Goodman wrote.

Goodman was also able to give back to the community by supporting local organizations.

“Through many giveback efforts, we were able to raise money for and draw attention to local fighters and fights we support: like Tim Jenks, bicycle awareness, preschools, elementary schools and the Middle School” Goodman wrote.

Goodman said entrepreneurs have the ability to unite their passion, labor, and drive to “do amazing things” and his motivation as an entrepreneur is to build more opportunities for the next person. Goodman said he wants to empower his employees to create a warm environment for The Fighting Burrito.

Goodman said he wanted The Fighting Burrito to build a home for everyone.

“The Fighting Burrito was not just a burrito shop: it was a collection of interesting and loving souls fighting for good through hard work, respect, kindness.. and burritos” Goodman wrote.

Several community members were saddened by the news and reminisced their times at The Fighting Burrito. The comments varied from memories at the restaurant to wishing Goodman the best for his business.

A comment made by Russell Schmidt recalled his time at Iowa State and describe his experience with The Fighting Burrito as an “absolute fixture.” He also said the restaurant will be missed by the community.

“Ames will miss you I’m sure. All the best for the future to all the folks who made it awesome,” Schmidt wrote.

Goodman encourages other entrepreneurs to use the Ames closing as an opportunity change the world through their vision.

“The Fighting Burrito in Ames, will be closing, but this makes room for others to change the world through their vision and efforts.” Goodman wrote, “What are you fighting for?”

Goodman encourages the community to come into the store one last time and thank his team for all their efforts. The Fighting Burrito is also located in Des Moines, which will remain open and he also invites the community to visit him in Des Moines.