Interview with Buchanan Hall Community Adviser Prakalp Sudhakar

Janavi Kumar

“When residents hear the siren, it is better not to remain outdoors but take shelter inside. They are also advised not to use elevators. Residents are usually directed to go to the lowest and interior-most level of their residence hall to take shelter. Each residence hall is different, and community advisers are instructed to direct residents to an area that has been designated as safest during a severe storm. For example, residents of Friley Hall would be instructed to go down to the basement, known as the ‘dungeons.’ But for buildings that don’t have a basement, such as Eaton or Martin, residents would be directed to the lowest level laundry room or conference room. In Buchanan Hall, residents would need to evacuate to the first floor interior hallway and recreation room area. It is important to take note of the City of Ames siren at 10 a.m. on the Wednesday at the beginning of every month.”