SAVE lightens load for moving home

Emily Banks

Simple action, vital effect.

SAVE is a program set up by the Department of Residence that allows students to donate unwanted items they don’t want to take home or move.

Items that can be donated include clothing, shoes, household items, furniture, small appliances and non-perishable food items.

Students are able to drop off items starting April 21 through Wednesday.

Donations are accepted at 13 locations in residence halls across campus, making it easy for students to lighten their load before heading home for the summer or moving to a new apartment.

After the items are collected from students, they will be taken to Goodwill and local food pantries for members of the Ames community. The university is collecting items to save students a trip to these places and to save them some time.

According to the Department of Residence website: by donating items you can:

• SAVE hauling stuff home that you really don’t want anymore

• SAVE the landfills by not tossing good items into the trash

• SAVE our planet by reducing, reusing and recycling items