Order of Engineers promises ethics

Jessica Johnson

Monday is the last day seniors in engineering can sign up to be part of The Order of Engineers which takes place April 20.

Graduating seniors are encouraged to attend this prestigious event to be recognized by fellow engineering peers. It is hosted every semester by the Engineering Student Council.

The ritual of the calling of an engineer started in Canada by professor H.E.T. Haultain at the University of Toronto. He wanted to persuade other members of the Engineering Institute of Canada that there needed to be a ceremony. He believed there needed to be a standard of ethics developed for graduating engineers.

Before joining, members must take an oath called the code of ethics to abide by The Obligations of an Engineer. Members are then given a stainless steel ring — the Engineer’s ring — that is worn on the little finger of his or her working hand. Each member wears the ring to show pride in the Order and as a symbol of their obligations to the profession and to the public.

The ceremony will take place at 7 p.m. April 20 in the Oak Room of the Memorial Union. The cost is $20. Registration is located in 110 Marston Hall.