Letter: Liberal Americans are nostalgic for racism

In March, a video surfaced in which NPR executive Ron Schiller referred to the tea party as, “seriously racist, racist people.” However, just like fellow liberals Janeane Garofalo, Jimmy Carter, Michael Moore, and many others who’ve said the same thing, Schiller failed to provide any evidence to support the claim that the tea party is racist.

What is the connection between the tea party and race? Has the tea party made any racist statements?

Fighting racism is a noble cause. Many of us grew up learning about the racial injustices of our country’s past, and the heroism of the civil rights movement.

We think to ourselves, “I would have marched with MLK. I would have supported Rosa Parks. I would have fought the racists.” Unfortunately, we missed our chance. Racism was doomed the moment racial equality reached Hollywood and professional athletics.

It is impossible for racism to survive to any significant degree when so many of our idols from the entertainment industries are black.

Unable to accept that their opportunity has passed, many liberals are quick to inject race into unrelated issues, and invent racism where there is none. Groups like Media Matters scrutinize the airways and pounce on any remote suggestion of racial bias like they did last summer when they forced Dr. Laura out of her radio job for quoting the N-word usage of black comedians.

In December, fans booed Lebron James, just like they do every athlete who abandons his home team to chase a championship. Yet somehow in a sport where 8 out of 10 players are black, Lebron blamed his treatment on racial bigotry.

Rachel Maddow and Joy Behar called Sharron Angle a racist because in her senate campaign ad, she used Latino actors to portray a Mexican drug gang. Perhaps she should have used white or Asian actors instead.

The ultimate battle against racism came in the election of 2008 with the opportunity to elect a black president. This would really stick it to those racists. Obama won the election, but there was no racial outcry. Where were the racists?

Later, when the tea party rose up in response to Obama’s record increase in government spending. Liberals had found the racists they were looking for. To many liberals, their chosen leader is so perfect, that in their minds, no one could possibly disagree with his policies, they must just be racists.

An accusation as serious as this one should be supported with clear examples, but it has not been. The absence of any evidence to support this claim shows that it is not a legitimate issue, but instead represents a refusal to let go of the battles of the past.

That fight is over. If a poor black kid can become president, then racism is not a barrier to any goal.

However, perhaps in an effort to keep Al Sharpton employed, many refuse to declare the battle won, and are determined to keep it going.

If not now, then when will we be willing to declare that racism is dead?

A black man is president. What bigger sign could we possibly be waiting for? It is time for us to move on.