Choose the ceremony that’s right for you

Danielle Gibbons

Every semester, seniors debate on if they are going to walk or not. It’s a tough decision to make because there are a lot of elements that go into walking at a graduation ceremony.

There are expenses involved. Some things that are included are buying the cap, gown and tassel. These can all be bought at the ISU bookstore. It’s about $35 total to purchase all of the items.

Another thing to think about is family and friends and if they’ll even be able to come to the ceremony. Students need to think about that before they choose to walk or not.

Also, many students ponder on which graduation ceremony to walk in. At Iowa State, a student graduating can walk in the all-ISU ceremony, their college ceremony or both if they choose.

The ISU ceremony that invites all of the graduating students to attend is always on a Saturday during the day. There are a few hundred students that will choose to walk in this graduation. Usually it will last around two hours, depending on the number of students.

If a student does not want to go to the entire ISU commencement ceremony, they have the option of going to their own college ceremony: Agriculture and Life Sciences, Business, Design, Engineering, Human Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences and Veterinary Medicine all host their own ceremonies. Most of these ceremonies will take place on a Friday. Some may also be held the following day, during the morning and early afternoon.

Some students decide to go to their college graduation because it may be shorter than the all-ISU ceremony. Some students choose to go to the all-ISU graduation because that time works best for their family and friends to be there. And some choose to go to both. They paid for the cap and gown, they might as well use it.

“I chose to walk in my college graduation [Human Sciences]. It was shorter and it felt more personal to me,” said Jessica Haugo, graduate in elementary education.

A student isn’t forced to walk in a graduation commencement ceremony. There are many students each semester that chose not to walk at all. But, after all that hard work and money, why wouldn’t you? Yes, it’s a bit more money to walk across the stage. But it makes you appreciate all of the hard work you’ve done that you’re finally being recognized for. The parents also enjoy watching their little baby walk across the stage.

Think twice before choosing which graduation ceremony to attend. Look at the times and dates of each ceremony. Find out what works best for relatives and friends that want to attend. Don’t forget to pick up a cap and gown. Also, don’t feel bad for making people sit and wait for your name to be called. It’s your day. You deserve it. Choose the ceremony you want because you’re the one that made it all happen.