Greek Getaway sees jump in participation from previous years


File photo: Rebekka Brown/Iowa State Daily

Greek members participate in the egg joust, held at the Theta Chi sand pit April 10, 2010. The greek community participated in various competitions for Greek Getaway to show pride in their letters.

Alayna Flor

The greek community enjoyed record numbers at Greek Getaway 2011 thanks to increased recruiting efforts.

Each sorority and fraternity hosted anywhere between 10 to 40 high school or college students attending the weekend event to spark interest in going greek next year.

“We had 618 total men and women attend, with over 40 of those individuals being current students,” said Laura Schmitt, senior in biochemistry and vice president of recruitment for the Collegiate Panhellenic Council.

Greek Getaway is an “opportunity for prospective students to experience greek life at Iowa State University,” according to the Greek Affairs website. Through word-of-mouth by current students, extra efforts to spread the word to high school students and having the MORE Campaign on campus, numbers have significantly increased compared to previous years.

“In 2010, we had 443 individuals attend Greek Getaway, and this year we had 618 individuals,” said Katie Mott, assistant director of Greek Affairs and junior in pre-advertising.

The 30 percent increase brought more accommodations and planning for all greek chapters and Greek Affairs. Students who attended Greek Getaway stayed in either a sorority or fraternity. Sororities hosted 30 to 40 women, and fraternities hosted 10 to 15 men.

“We were constantly making sure everyone was safe; they checked in and out, and were in the right places at the right time. We had to work extra hard to make sure things were running smoothly,” said Ashley Furne, senior in management and vice president of recruitment for the Collegiate Panhellenic Council.

Each individual attending Greek Getaway was paired with a current member of the greek community.

“My favorite part of Greek Getaway was seeing everyone in the greek community having fun together,” said Jon Baumgarten, junior in industrial engineering and vice president of recruitment for the Interfraternity Council. “Students and parents come back and tell us how they could tell we all enjoy being a part of the Iowa State greek community. It really is a true community.”

With a few minor changes anticipated for next year, Greek Getaway 2011 set the bar high for years to come.

“I think that this has been one of the most successful Greek Getaway’s yet. It has improved all three years since I participated, and it is evident that things will only get better from here,” said Scotty Locke, junior in political science and vice president of recruitment for the Interfraternity Council.

The vice presidents of recruitment for the Interfraternity Council and the Collegiate Panhellenic Council worked closely with Katie Mott, assistant director for Greek Affairs and junior in pre-advertising, and Leslie Schacht, graduate in educational leadership and policy studies and Interfraternity Council graduate assistant.

“Other campuses are amazed how we provide Greek Getaway and how  every chapter comes together to promote the community and not their individual houses,” Mott said. “The [ISU] Greek Community puts a lot of pride and effort into making Greek Getaway a success.”

ISU Admissions hosted Experience Iowa State in conjunction with the Greek Getaway weekend to allow students going to Greek Getaway to learn more about the university as a whole. ISU Admissions hosted more than 250 families each day.

“Greek Getaway is one of the best ways for people who do not have backgrounds with the greek system and see if it’s something they want to be apart of,” Furne said.