Student death will be honored at tree-planting ceremony

Kaitlin York

Tyler Danielson, former ISU student, died March 13, 2010, in an automobile accident during Spring Break. 

Tyler will be honored with a memory tree-planting ceremony at 3 p.m. Friday near the electronic sign on the north side of Hilton Coliseum. 

“Tyler loved going to school at Iowa State, which was an important factor in the decision to plant a tree in his honor,” said Steve Danielson, Tyler’s father. “We wanted to have a place for us to go when we come back to Ames as a family and gather to remember him.”

Since the aftermath of Tyler’s accident, communication between Tyler’s family and the dean’s office led to the idea of honoring the student through a memorial and scholarship award for students in criminal justice, Tyler’s major. The Danielson family’s intentions were to have the memorial ceremony before the fall semester of 2010, but through hard work and much communication the decision was made before Winter Break to host the ceremony Friday.

“In trying to establish some sort of an ongoing tribute to Tyler and the fact that he was leaning in the direction of Iowa State’s criminal justice foundation, it just seemed to be a good fit to have a lasting legacy in Tyler’s honor through awarding a selected student with a scholarship,” Steve said. “Hopefully the recipient will have a successful law enforcement career and be able to carry on what Tyler wasn’t able to do.”

“Iowa State has been excellent and outstanding to work with through this process of finding a way to honor our son and his adventure at Iowa State,” Steve said.