Acrobats Awe Citizens of Ames

Sarah Clark

Carefully balanced on the five-chair tower, the Chinese acrobat placed a sixth and final chair atop the stack creating a multi-chair tower that stood over 20 feet high. Towering over the audience, the acrobat paused as the music dulled.

“One more?” he asked the crowd.

Encouraged by the audience’s cheers, the acrobat balanced the sixth chair sideways on top of the tower of chairs. As his muscles bulged, he raised himself upside down on top of the stack. Supporting himself with only one arm, he balanced with his legs reaching towards the sky and the audience began to roar.

“Oohs” and “Ahhs” were the popular phrases of the night as contortionists, jugglers, tumblers, flaggers, hoop divers and gravity-busting acrobats from the Golden Dragon Acrobats stunned the crowd.

Sponsored by the collaboration of several student organizations, the Golden Dragon Acrobats were able to perform at Stephens Auditorium last night free of charge for all who attended.

“I thought the show was great,” said Daniel Sepich, Junior in pre-business. “I can’t believe it was free.”

Being a free show, the house was rather full, which provided a cheerful atmosphere as the acrobats performed. Balance and strength were among the many skills these acrobats, most of who have been trained since early childhood, showcased at last night’s show.

“The tricks that the performers did were insane,” said Sepich. “I was impressed in the beginning, and it just kept getting better.

Many people attended last night’s performance which is leading some spectators hopeful that there will be future free events.

I’m really glad I came,” said Sepich. “I hope that more events can come to Ames for students in the future.”