Regents open forum invites students to share opinions

Paige Godden

ActivUs is planning to attend an open forum hosted by the Board of Regents Wednesday night.

The Board is inviting students to share what qualities they are hoping to see in the next ISU president, but ActivUs — a grassroots environmental student group — has a different concern.

There will be about 40 ActivUs members attending the forum to question the Regents about coal burning on campus.

“We are committed to achieving environmental and social justice on the ISU campus. We believe that in order to protect the welfare of future generations we must encourage a transition to alternative clean and renewable energy sources. Through means of public education, grassroots organization and non-violent direct action we can spread our message and make a change,” according to the ActivUs mission statement.

Each semester the group takes on two major campaigns.

The first, Beyond Coal, is to phase out the burning of coal at the ISU power plant.

The second, Beyond Plastic, is to phase out the sale of bottled water on campus.

The group also has three initiatives:

  • To have sustainable reduce, reuse and recycle programs on campus.
  • To offer a variety of recreation programs and services in order to facilitate a lifelong interest in recreation activities.
  • To improve the aesthetic quality of the Skunk River and its tributaries.

The open forum will be open to the public, and is intended to be a time for members of the university to share what they are looking for in the next ISU president.

“It’s important to hear from students, faculty, staff and others with an interest in Iowa State during the early stages of the search,” said David Miles, Board of Regents president, in a news release.

Those who want to speak at the program are encouraged to sign up in advance by sending an email with name and affiliation to [email protected].

The Regents are encouraging the public to keep comments under five minutes.

The open forum is from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in room 275 of the Scheman Building.