Letter: Don’t let gay bullying happen at Iowa State

Recently in class we watched a documentary about gay bullying and acceptance of gays and I was so offended and outraged by some of the clips shown in the video, about how hateful people are toward gays and lesbians.

What shocked me even more were my peer’s responses after the video was over. People were agreeing with some of the ideas shown, stating their religion as being the reason for their anti-gay beliefs.

I’m writing in hopes of getting published so Iowa State never makes news for anti-gay bullying, hatred or discrimination. There is no reason for abuse, whether physical or verbal, to any human being. The sexual orientation of a gay or lesbian person does not define them, just as being straight does not define me.

It is not a choice to be gay. I didn’t wake up one day and ‘decide’ to be attracted to men. I think many students on this campus need to re-evaluate their beliefs and be more accepting of this group of individuals. Although most would never think to abuse a gay or lesbian person, it does happen. I never want to see another gay abuse story, and hope it will never happen at Iowa State.

Be who you are, and let others do the same.