Grask: Daniel Tosh is as funny as a football to the groin


Courtesy photo: Comedy Central

Daniel Tosh’s abrupt humor that blatantly insults others sparks surprisingly few complaints from viewers.

Tyler Grask

What can I say about this man: funniest comedian ever, most controversial, tells it how it is? Those would be a few ideas associated with Daniel Tosh.

He is a white male with a sketchy six-pack, known primarily for his show “Tosh.o,” in addition to his stand-up routines. His popularity has skyrocketed since his show debuted June 5, 2009, on Comedy Central.

So, contain your excitement as I delve into my insight and perception of the 35-year-old born in West Germany: the man, the myth and the homosexual — he jokes about his sexuality quite frequently, but legend has it he’s straight. Sorry, guys.

His new stand-up special, “Happy Thoughts,” debuted Sunday on Comedy Central. Not straying from his “tell it how it is” style of comedy, he continued to attack anybody and everybody he wanted to. He seems to thrive off stereotypes and making fun of whatever group happens to have wandered onto his path or the general vicinity.

And this is what makes him so great.

He knows how to joke about gender, race, sexuality, intelligence, essentially everything that can get under someone’s skin without pissing off too many people; emphasis on “too many.”

If you’ve never really checked out his material, I recommend it. If you’re one of those people who are sick of hearing about him and think he’s an (insert explicit term or phrase of your choice), then why are you reading this article — just kidding.

You really have to firsthand experience his material to know how awesome it is. It’s hard to put his jokes into words, but here’s a sample: “But if you had to eat people to survive, do you think they’d taste like their ethnic backgrounds? You can get as uncomfortable as you want, we’re gonna do this joke. Think Mexican people are spicy? Do you have to have chips and salsa before you bite into Jose or can you just dig in? I know, guacamole’s extra! I’m doing everybody. Chinese people: Are you hungry again 30 minutes later for more? Black people: Get ready, mmm-hmm, taste like chicken. White people: You don’t eat white people. I don’t make the rules. That’s how that joke has to end.”

Bottom line, no one is safe.

“Tosh.o” consists of him analyzing and commenting on YouTube and other Internet videos he deems worthy of ripping on. Popular segments of his show include: web redemptions; is it racist; and random Twitter posts from his “fans.” I put fans in quotes, because the tweets sent his way are frequently quite derogatory toward Tosh, yet so funny.

Here’s an intro to a tweet some of his loyal fans made, in response to a possible movie Tosh could star in: “The year is 2011. Daniel wakes up to a sweaty, yet satisfied Antonio Banderas. His anus was aflame with the pain of a forgotten night. Later that day, he sees a bunch of dead hookers.”

OK, I’ll stop there. As indirectly aforementioned, his show is not appropriate for general audiences. You can find the rest of that story and a great deal of the rest of his material on

While some of his comedy is immature — OK,a lot — and not everyone will not appreciate it, a lot of it is relevant to our day-to-day lives. The popular videos we all watch on the Internet are picked from, and analyzed by him during his commentaries. Classic misconceptions and stereotypes are pushed to the limit. He supplies us with the best jokes about today’s celebrities. All these important, relevant things in one show.

In addition to his show, he has three stand-up routines: “True Stories I Made Up,” 2005; “Completely Serious,” 2007; and “Happy Thoughts.”

Will Tosh tour forever? He’s been quoted as saying, “I plan to end my career on my 38th birthday, May 29, 2013. I’ll either commit suicide or retire to the beach.”

There you have it, folks. So enjoy him while he’s out there. Good things don’t last forever.

One more joke by Daniel to close the article? Yes, most definitely: “I’m all for women who get plastic surgery. Because plastic surgery allows you to make your outer appearance resemble your inner appearance: fake.”