Hot and not

Kendra Alley

Warmer weather has come and here are some things that are hot during the springtime and some suggestions on what is not.

Hot / Not

Flip-flops on the beach / Flip-flops when there is snow on the ground

Shorts / White see-through shorts

Running outside / Running from the cops

Tank tops / Letting bra straps hang out

Sun dresses / Dresses that are too short

Tan skin / Orange skin

Looking smoking hot / Smoking

Going out for drinks / Passing out from drinking too much

High heels / Heels you can’t walk in

Button-up shirts / Sleeveless shirts

Meaningful tattoos / Tramp stamps and tribal armbands

Nice hair cut / Too much hair gel

Being independent / An overdone “bromance”

Skinny jeans / Loaning your skinny jeans to your boyfriend

Great smelling cologne / Too much cologne

Wanting a guy who cares / Caring what guys think about you