Flack: It’s Charlie Sheen’s world, we just live in it

Sean Flack

I wonder what the journalists of the early-to-middle 20th century would think of the journalists today? When a celebrity or person in power started spouting out nonsense, did the media go crazy and blitzkrieg the news for weeks about this person?

I guess we have to define what news is first. A general definition would be: “information about recent and important events.” But just because something’s recent, does that mean it’s important?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past weeks, everywhere and everyone seems to have a case of Charlie Sheen fever. Charlie Sheen fever wasn’t a sudden infection, but rather a slow burn that seemed to really culminate when Sheen was a guest on “The Alex Jones Show,” where he went off on a variety of topics including his work life, his love life and F-18 fighter pilots.

It’s obvious to anyone that Sheen is energized. Well, energized is an understatement. Sheen has the swagger of a warrior fueled on Red Bull, porn stars and confidence — or as Sheen likes to put it, tiger blood.

And yeah, it’s interesting to watch the car crash on the side of the road, but do we really need to be devoting this much coverage to one man? This isn’t Barack Obama. This isn’t Johnny Depp. This is Charlie Sheen – a man who sputtered around the ’90s and early ’00s until he landed a role on “Two and a Half Men,” the epitome of a cheap, traditional sitcom. Sure it’s the most-watched show in America, but come on everyone, it’s Charlie Sheen. How many times can we find the word “winning” entertaining?

It’s the media’s fault, though. For some reason the media these days thinks that people want to hear about whatever’s trending on Twitter or blogs. While this can be useful sometimes, it should be obvious to everyone that “OMG MILEY CYRUS HAIRCUT” is not newsworthy. You think “The Today Show” or “Good Morning America” actually cares about the fallout of Sheen’s war with CBS? No, they just want to hear him talk about how great it is being Charlie Sheen. It’s inflating his head bigger than it already is.

And don’t for a second think that Sheen isn’t in on the joke. He knows how ridiculous it sounds when he says that he’s on a drug called “Charlie Sheen.” Sheen is an entertainer, and he is entertaining anyone who’ll give him an open ear. Sheen has even openly admitted to TMZ that he joined Twitter as a way of getting more cash.

I guess I wouldn’t have that much of a problem with it if it wasn’t being blown up as much as it has. Sirius XM recently launched Tiger Blood Radio, a 24-hour, limited-run channel that will “examine the news, facts and media frenzy.” In addition, poetry written by Sheen has made its way onto the Internet. Sheen has also signed on with celebrity tweet company, Ad.ly – which just equates to him getting paid to endorse stuff on the Internet. He’s also writing a book appropriately titled “Apocalypse Me.”

Still not enough? Prepare for a tidal wave of news regarding Sheen’s custody battle with ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, along with more court battles with other ex-wife, Denise Richards. I’m getting exhausted just talking about all the ways Sheen will be injected into our lives these next couple of months, but rest assured, there is also his involvement with Paris Hilton’s upcoming reality show, a Dr. Drew VH1 special, a show on Spike TV and Snoop Dogg wondering where he can buy some “Charlie Sheen.”

Say it with me now: overkill. Sheen is already the highest-paid TV star – making close to $2 million per episode starring in “Two and a Half Men” – why are we continuing to feed money into his rambling, crazy mouth? He’s ridiculous. He’s “sober.” That’s it. Nothing’s going to change. I don’t think Sheen’s a bad guy or anything, but we are all playing into his joke.

Congratulations, Sheen. You won. Winning.