All Ames residents encouraged to take online survey

Kayla Schantz

The City of Ames is taking the next step toward accomplishing the City Council goal to “create and promote a community vision.”

Brand Endeavor, the visioning company the city hired out of Marina del Rey, Calif., has put together an online survey to seek input on the strengths and weaknesses of living in Ames.

The survey can be found as a link on the city website at It takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

“Every single voice will matter in that survey,” said Christie Harper, president and founder of Brand Endeavor. Harper told the City Council in February that her goal is for every person in Ames to complete the survey.

The survey is open to anyone who is familiar with Ames, not just those who live and work in the city. The responses are confidential and anonymous.

Some of the questions on the survey include reasons for living/working in Ames, the relationship between the city and Iowa State, how Ames compares to other Iowa cities and how Ames would be described to visitors.

All participants who complete the survey will also be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 10 $50 gift certificates.

In February, Brand Endeavor met with more than 40 representatives from different sectors to establish preliminary data on the city and its people. The survey is the chance for the company to hear from every individual that has connections to Ames.

The next step will be two town meetings that are planned for May.

“Our process is flexible, collaborative, and consensus-building — we believe the best solutions come from working together,” Harper said. “Our approach will help a community come together to articulate its future through a compelling and relevant vision statement.”

The survey will be open on the city’s website until March 31.