SUB multi-cultural celebration takes off with airplane theme

The members of Orchesis 2 rehearse for the Global Gala at the Great Hall in the Memorial Union March 21. Global Gala 2011 is an event to celebrate and promote diversity on campus.

Briana Haguewood

The sixth annual Global Gala, a SUB multi-cultural celebration, is set to take off Friday with an airplane flight theme, Destination: Everywhere.

The journey through various countries and cultures represented at Iowa State will take place in the Memorial Union Great Hall. The event will showcase the diversity of ISU students through multicultural performances by several student clubs and organizations.

Each club represents a different country or region, and each theatrical performance will give guests a taste of some aspect of its region’s culture.

“I think it would be of benefit for anyone on campus to meet someone from a different culture, or maybe even someone who shares their culture,” said Anna Prisacari, graduate in chemistry and Student Union Board multicultural director. “Maybe you didn’t even know that a club existed. The event is a two-way street in that organizations can meet new members and get a word out, while students can hear more about the different clubs.”

“A lot of people don’t know all of the different cultures represented on campus,” said Heather Walker, senior in accounting and member of Tap Iowa State, which will perform at the Gala on Friday evening. “Half these groups I didn’t even know about until taking part in this. Many people don’t get an opportunity like this; to see all these different groups that are on campus.”

“It’s an awesome event because it brings all these different people together,” said Krista Nielsen, senior in English, who will wave a country’s flag in the closing act of the show. “Our group, the ISU Viking Society, is pretty small but we’re just glad to be a part of this big international gathering.”

Global Gala is free and open to anyone. The doors will open at 8:15 p.m. Friday, and ethnic appetizers and drinks will be served before the show at 9 p.m. Music videos from different countries will be played before performances begin, and study abroad representatives will be available for anyone interested to talk with.

The show was created by ISU students, faculty, staff, and residents of the Ames community. All together, the group represents 23 countries and five U.S. states.

The celebration will include performances from organizations such as the Puerto Rican Student Association; ISU Tap Dance; the Guang Hwa Lion Dance Group; the Celtic Dance Society; ChakRAAS; and SuckaPunch, a breakdance/hip hop club. A Ghana Fashion Show and an Arabic music performance will also be featured.

“Our main goal in planning has been to have a very diverse program, so that we can get a very diverse crowd to come,” Prisacari said.

Attendees are encouraged to dress in ethnic, traditional outfits to promote their culture or one that they like or to wear semi-formal attire.

“I haven’t been everywhere, though I’ve been to some countries. But being in that room — seeing some of the performances, tasting the different foods, interacting with all of the people — will give me some perspective of what it would be like to be in each country, without ever stepping out of Ames or my comfort zone,” Prisacari said.

The dancers in the show will be providing a sneak peek of the beginning and end of the show Wednesday and Thursday outside of Parks Library during lunch hours.