Fitness Challenge: Sarah Clark Week#7

Sarah Clark

Week #7:

Well, Spring Break is officially out of the picture and we’re getting back into the groove of things once again. With the ISU women’s and men’s Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City a couple weeks ago and the NCAA Tournament in North Carolina, I have had a busy couple of weeks! We traveled with the team to both destinations for Dance Team to help cheer them on!

Now that we’re back in full swing with classes, I have been back at my workouts! It sure is easy to let yourself go when you’re not in your normal routine!

Back to the gym, back to eating healthy. I must say, I feel so much better when I make healthy meal choices and am working out. I’ve recently taken a liking to the elliptical machine. Since I injured my foot running about a month ago, I’ve been a bit “iffy” about running again. I have found that the elliptical machine is a perfect match.

As for for nutrition, I’ve been living off of fish, cottage cheese and various fruits and vegetables. My new technique includes 1 serving of Special K cereal in the morning, a fruit smoothie with fresh blended fruit and half a cup of low-fat, sugar-free ice cream for lunch and a healthy dinner choice, usually consisting of fish or chicken and a vegetable.

 It feels great to be back into my routine again and I’m looking forward to my beach body that will hopefully arrive by the time finals rolls around!

Keep up your hard work ISU! Stay Strong!