String of aparment break-ins continue along Mortensen Road


Photo Illustration: Kelsey Kremer/Iowa State Daily

Students should lock their doors to protect their apartment from being burglarized. Ames Police have received several reports in the last month of break-ins at apartment complexes along Mortensen Road. Photo Illustration: Kelsey Kremer/Iowa State Daily

Kaitlin York

Laptops and iPods were reported stolen from the University Plains apartment complex located at 4912 Mortensen Road on Saturday, said Jim Robinson, investigations commander for the Ames Police Department.

The residents are not ISU students.

This is the most recent crime in a string of reported apartment break-ins around Ames. Suspects have been entering unlocked apartments while residents are away or sleeping, and stealing electronics such as gaming systems and laptops.

“We are still noticing that suspects are checking doors to see if they are unlocked,” Robinson said. “They are acting as if it’s an accident if the residents are home, and if [the residents] aren’t home, they’ll let themselves in and steal expensive items.”

Robinson said they have had numerous reports of stolen laptops and iPods in apartment complexes along Mortensen Road.

Complexes owned by Hunziker Property Management, Campustown Property Management, First Property Management and Total Property Management have not had any reported burglaries. Police notified the property managers, though, to make them aware of the burglaries.

“Within the last month we’ve had several reports of thieves, and we still highly suggest that people are locking their apartments up when they leave and come home,” Robinson said.

The Ames Police Department has increased security around apartment complexes and will continue to monitor the areas closely.

There are currently no suspects in this case. If you have any information or notice suspicious actions, please contact the Ames Police Department.