Last minute tips to complete your Super Bowl bash

Wendy Sloan

Don’t let heated tempers turn into broken items. Prepare your game watching zone ahead of time. There might be some moments of jumping and shouting at the TV, so put anything breakable or valuable out of the party zone. Stow items away in a draw or set them in a bedroom, so they stay safe.

Elicit help from your guests. If you’re not a cook and you don’t want to spend money ordering food, ask your guests to bring their favorite dish to share. This takes some of the pressure off of you. Also, if you have friends that aren’t as enthusiastic about football, they might be willing to help with food preparation or clean up. 

Be on the lookout for party fouls. With the excitement from touchdowns, interceptions and big play, your guests are bound to get a little rowdy. Keep your eyes open for spills, and have a clean towel and some napkins out and ready.

Don’t forget about the healthier eaters. Super Bowl parties are typically about indulging and putting your diets aside for one day. But some of your guests might still want a healthier food option. Think about putting together a vegetable tray or having some cut fruit available.

Have two rooms available for the party. Chances are that some of the people at your party aren’t football fanatics. These guests might enjoy having a separate room where they can sit and chat. And if you have a second TV in that room, even better. Wherever your guests are, make sure there is enough comfortable seating to accommodate everyone.

Have a game plan for getting people home safely. If your party is going to have drinking, make sure your guests have a safe and legal way home after the big game is over.