Pitching the Perfect Proposal


Photo illustration: David Derong/Iowa State Daily

If you’re looking to propose to your sweetheart, campus provides beautiful scenery and meaningful opportunities to pop the question.

Lindsey Schwarck

It is perhaps one of the most nerve-wrecking, sweat-inducing, and over-rehearsed sentences in the English language.

Though a tiny question, “Will you marry me?” needs to come out just right.

While your proposal should be unique, here are some ideas to help.

A Day at the park

Jeremy Eekhoff, sophomore in construction engineering, and Emily Eekhoff, sophomore in elementary education, met at church and started dating in 2007.

In what Emily thought was a celebration of surviving their first year of college, Jeremy planned a visit to Rieman Gardens followed by a picnic lunch at Brookside Park.

“[After the picnic,] I got up to start putting our stuff away, but he didn’t get up!” Emily said.

That’s when Jeremy pulled out an engagement ring and proposed.

“I definitely cried when I called my parents because he had asked them to marry me, so they knew.”

Cartoon Love

Adventure-lover Jake knew that Kiera was the one after she could face even the wildest rollercoasters with a smile on her face.

They had some ups and downs of their own, but when it came time to propose, Jake brought Kiera back to the amusement park where their spark first began.

He “spontaneously” suggested that the couple pose for a caricature portrait.

Jake and Kiera had fun as the artist airbrushed the picture. Once complete, he turned the portrait back at the couple. Little did Kiera know, her boyfriend had arranged that the painter draw Jake’s body kneeling, holding a very important black box.

Long Walks on the Beach

Adam and Jayce dated for two years before taking a dream vacation to Florida. Between site seeing and sunbathing, Adam and Jayce were having a great time enjoying the getaway as well as each other’s company.

On their last night in Florida, they walked the beach one last time to collect shells and rocks. As they gathered the sea souvenirs and reminisced on vacation highlights, Adam suggested they keep an eye out for a sand dollar to bring home. Sure enough, Jayce stumbled upon one just moments later.

Amazed at the beauty of the small trinket, she turned it over to discover the words “Will you marry me?” inscribed on the back.

She said “yes,” and also collected a shiny ring.

So whether it is an intimate shoreline stroll or relaxing park picnic, if you make your proposal personal, you can start practicing another little phrase: “I do.”