Online resources help students prepare for future

Kendra Alley

There are many different online tools to use when you are searching for an internship, interested in networking, or looking for a full-time job opportunity. However, some sites are better than others at helping you find what you are looking for.


The Iowa State University Career Services Management System is a  tool for students to use that has many different features and contains postings from businesses that are specifically looking for Iowa State students.

“The job that we have at career services is making sure that students know about it. All students at Iowa State have an account, but they don’t know that it is something that is automatically set up for you, you don’t have to create it,” said Tammy Stegman, career coordinator for the College of Business Career Services.

Another advantage of this system is that the various career services departments review businesses’ postings and decide which businesses are allowed to post on the website. The internships and jobs listed on the system are professional opportunities that meet their standards.

ISU CMS is not only a useful tool for internship and job hunting but it supplies students with information about business professionals that will be visiting campus in search for Iowa State students. In order to prepare for career events students can research the companies on the website. Also, students who have found a company that interests them can be directed through the application process through the ISU CMS system.


LinkedIn is another professional network that allows you to create a profile to help you build your network, join industry or alumni groups and search and apply for jobs.

“It is kind of like Facebook but it is meant for you to be professional on,” said Kim Caponi, associate director of Career Services in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The website creates a space for people to begin networking with different individuals and business professionals. An interesting aspect LinkedIn has is a tool called Answers where people can get their business questions answered by professionals and alumni in the industry.

Professional associations:

Some other online resources that students will find useful are professional associations within your major. For example the Public Relations Society of America or Business Professionals of America are good resources for those respective majors, and nearly every career field has its own professional association.

A lot of these websites will allow you to follow them on Facebook or Twitter so that you can easily stay connected. However, some of these websites require membership to be able to use all of their resources.

State resources:

“I do look at state employment systems in Iowa, that would be Iowa Works, but every state has an employment system and an online listing of jobs and opportunities and that is a good place to start,” said Caponi.

Iowa Workforce Development is a great online tool to use if you are looking for a job specifically in Iowa. This site allows create a username and search the Iowa job bank.


There are many online sources for students to begin the networking process but remember that not all job board websites are going to be legitimate. Take time to familiarize yourself with the website before inserting all of your information.

“I think that some are more useful than others. I think a lot of people can get caught up in more broader ones like Monster and Career Builder and then not have positive results from those,” Stegman said.

It is never to early to start networking online through these online systems. Even if you are not looking for an internship or a job currently it is wise to create a profile on these websites and begin networking with students, professors, alumni and business professionals.