Supply chain management career night brings 33 employers


Photo: Karuna Ang/Iowa State Daily

Jiang Xu, senior in logistics and supply chain management, talks to Keath Storm, vice-president of human resources at Link America about his previous work experience during the Supply Chain Management Career Fair on Tuesday, Feb. 8 at Molecular Biology Building.

Ben Theobald

Supply chain management majors battled the cold to look for internships and jobs at career night Tuesday.

This is the second career night for supply chain management majors this school year.

“About 80 to 100 students came last fall,” said Lyndsy Haviland, president of the ISU Supply Chain Management Club and senior in supply chain management.

An estimated 33 employers came to career night Tuesday.

“The employers come from all over the United States,” said Kelsie Harvey, vice president of the club and senior in supply chain management.

Haviland said they hosted 40 employers at last fall’s career night.

“We start planning the career night with the career services at the beginning of the semester,” she said.

The career night is separate from the Business/LAS Career Fair on Wednesday and always takes place the night before.

“Career night gives supply chain [management] students the opportunity to talk to recruiters who are looking for only supply chain [management] majors,” Harvey said.

Kevin Skiffington, senior in logistics and supply chain management and international business, said this was his second career night.

“Right now I’m looking for a summer internship so I know where to go during the summer,” Skiffington said. “Anything that is located around the Chicago suburbs or Ames.”

Qian Xu, junior in supply chain management, had been in contact with employers such as Vermeer and Rockwell Collins.

“I’m looking for an internship in the summer,” Xu said. “I am graduating in May 2012, which is a full year later.”

Ross Trowbridge, a representative from Crescent Electric Supply Company, was looking for students to fill open positions.

“We’re looking for somebody who possesses solid work ethic,” Trowbridge said. “Somebody who has interest in sales-type roles. It comes down to how they will fit in our industry.”

Corporations based in Iowa, such as CIVCO Medical Solutions, were looking for potential employees based on their GPA and skills.

“GPA, leadership and communication is indicative in a student’s area of skills,” said John Bates, representative of CIVCO. “We heard the [supply chain management] program here at Iowa State is top notch. We hope to get capable students to help us grow.”