Students in the College of Human Sciences try to find jobs that fit interests

Katherine Klingseis

Students in the College of Human Sciences have a wide array of different interests in skills. However, all of these students have one common goal: to find a job.

Loni Pringnitz, program coordinator for Human Sciences Student Services, recommends that students begin planning for their future careers as early as possible.

“Start early, as a freshman,” Pringnitz said. “Find out what interests you.”

Going to a career fair is one manner in which students can discover different jobs and internships that match up with their interests and skills.

For students in the College of Human Sciences, the next career fair will be held Wednesday.

“Hopefully, [by going to a career fair], I will get some sort of idea on what way I want to go with my major,” said Megan Howell, freshman in early childhood education. “Hopefully I will solidify what I want to do.”

Career fairs also offer students the opportunity to network with many different employers. Networking is vital when trying to obtain a job or internship.

“In terms of looking for jobs for teaching, it’s all about networking and getting to know the staff in the schools,” said Jenna Mollenhauer, senior in elementary education. “It truly is all about who you know and getting connections and recommendations for those jobs.”

The ISU Career Management System is also a useful tool for students who are looking to connect with employers. The ISU CMS enables students to connect with thousands of employers and apply for thousands of jobs.

Career fairs and the ISU CMS are both ways in which students can find work opportunities. Pringnitz recommends that all students gain some sort of work experience before leaving college.

“Get job and internship experience to increase your marketability to future employers,” Pringnitz said.

There are a countless number of opportunities out there for students in the College of Human Sciences. Regardless of their major, most students ultimately want to find a job that fits with what they desire in life.

“I plan to look for a job that has to do with my major,” said Brooke Haurum, freshman in apparel, merchandising and design. “My goal is to have a job that I love, so that it doesn’t feel like work.”