Improvements to our homepage

Brian Smith

If you’ve been surfing our website today, you might have noticed the homepage got a new look.

The top of the website stayed pretty much the same, but the rest of the page has completely changed. Some information was rearranged to keep similar things together. For example, all of the social media tools have been grouped together near the bottom of the page and all of the photos and videos are grouped together in the middle

We also tried to improve the look of the page. We got rid of the sliders with dark backgrounds and opted for all white backgrounds. We also tried to give the calendar and PDF flipbook more prominent homes.

It’s our hope that these changes make the homepage easier to navigate and a little more visually appealing. If you think there is something else we can improve upon, please let us know.

As I discussed in my previous post, the individual section pages are next on our list. Expect some of these improvements to carry over to those pages and some more new ones to come.