Fitness Challenge: Micaela Cashman, week 1

Micaela Cashman

The newsroom had Little Caesar’s pizza brought in. What the heck, Daily staff? I thought we were all in this together?!?!

I knew that would be the biggest challenge: the temptations. When I walk out of my apartment, I can smell Domino’s pizza and Little Tai Pei. When I walk through campus, I can smell burgers grilling. And it smells REALLY. Good.

I’ve been doing a good job of exercising every day. I’ve started out easy so I don’t get discouraged. When I complete the workout I have planned, it feels really good and motivates me to do more.

It’s more important for me to lower my cholesterol than it is for me to lose weight as I’m in pretty good shape in that aspect. High cholesterol runs in my family, and when I had my last physical, my cholesterol was sky-high. And I’m only 21. Not good.

So I did some research on what to eat, what to avoid, and what other things I can do to lower my cholesterol. Exercising is incredibly beneficial, but duh, we all knew that. I also had a doctor tell me to eat mostly plants. Now, I have never been a fan of fruits and vegetables. Why can’t chocolate and cheese be plants?

But I decided to stick with the philosophy of “fake it till you make it.” I started forcing myself to eat salads and grapes and low-fat yogurt. And now I find myself craving those healthy foods. However, that has not deterred me from craving those incredibly unhealthy foods.

I had a Super Dog last night. Find me someone who can resist a Super Dog. But from what I’ve read, it’s not good to deprive yourself of foods you really want because then your body will just want them more, and you’ll be miserable. You just have to eat those foods in moderation. So I had half a Super Dog (which is probably still really unhealthy) and gave the other half to a friend. I felt like that was a huge accomplishment.