Greek community helps new students become leaders

Alayna Flor

The greek community offers an opportunity for freshmen students to become a part of a council that teaches new students about philanthropy and leadership skills.

“The Emerging Greek Leadership Council serves as a training ground for greek students, as well as university leadership positions,” said Bobby Schmid, junior in mechanical engineering.

Schmid participated in EGLC when he was a freshman. Today, he is still involved as president and said the skills he gained have been very rewarding.

“I now am ready to take on higher roles as an [ISU] student not only because I have learned what it means to be a leader, but also the practical expertise that makes an event a positive experience for all those who attend,” Schmid said.

Schmid said EGLC holds three events throughout the year: Watermelon Fest, Greek 365 and a spring philanthropy. These events are created by freshmen with the help of EGLC alumni and advisors.

“By giving the council members a first-hand look at the inner workings of campus events, it is easier for them to excel when large events need to be organized,” Schmid said.

With these three events happening throughout the year, the new EGLC students learn quickly about the demands of hosting. They also reflect the leadership skills of the younger greek students.

“From day one the council members prepare for these events. Watermelon Fest and the spring philanthropy are open to all,” Schmid said.

This past fall, Watermelon Fest was a success despite working around issues from the August floods.

“Watermelon Fest is a celebration of incoming and existing greek members. The best way to describe it is a huge picnic full of food, music, games, and of course, watermelon,” Schmid said.

The funds raised from Watermelon Fest go to an organization of EGLC’s choice. The philanthropy event EGLC will put on this spring will aim to raise more money for a worthy cause. This event will occur during Greek Week.

“The Emerging Greek Leadership Council has been an excellent way to get prepared for future roles on campus and in the greek community. For me, I get the most enjoyment out of working with peers of mine who have the same level of passion for being greek,” Schmid said.

Although this council is made up of freshmen, it helps the younger students in the greek community learn skills that will help them succeed at Iowa State.

“No matter what letters we wear, we all push for excellence in the [ISU] community,” Schmid said.

EGLC has yet to determine what their spring philanthropy will be, but the date and time will be announced closer to Greek Week.