Jim Robinson joins Ames Police Department as investigations commander

Cmdr. Jim Robinson has taken over the position of now-retired, former investigations commander, Mike Brennan. Geoff Huff, right, has been promoted to patrol commander of the Ames Police Department. Other officers within the Ames Police Department will also shift positions as part of the department’s two-year rotation system.

Kaitlin York

The Ames Police Department created a rotation system between the administration in 2002. This was made to ensure equality and give the opportunity for each member to learn the different aspects of the department.

Every two years, the patrol commander and investigations commander would rotate along with the lieutenants and sergeants. 

Mike Brennan, former investigations commander, retired Jan. 7 after 30 years of working in the Ames Police Department. 

“This year was a big year for rotations,” said Jim Robinson, investigations commander for Ames Police Department, “with Mike Brennan retiring, this made a new position available for a lieutenant to be promoted.”

Along with a commander position becoming available, it also left open a lieutenant, sergeant and officer position. A series of evaluations were held before Geoff Huff was the chosen one for the promotion to patrol commander. 

For the next two years, Robinson will be the investigations commander for the Ames Police Department. Growing up in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, Robinson has worked in law enforcement since he was 21. 

Robinson worked for the military police upon being hired in Ames. 

“I’ve worked with Mike for several years and it was great; we worked well together. Now it is time to get Huff in and continue to have a well working team together,” Robinson said.