GSB meeting 12.2.10

Michaela Sickmann

GSB is working to make the U-Bill more explanatory in order to help students better finance their money, said GSB President Luke Roling. They would like the U-Bill to start showing where money is going so that when students wonder where all of their money went at the end of the semester they will easily be able to access that information.

Julie Snyder-Yuly, Catt Center assistant director, and Dianne Bystrom, Catt Center director, attended the meeting to tell the GSB more about the leadership certificate program. The program is an interdisciplinary program that uses courses in community leadership and public service. The program is being offered to students across campus and goes on students’ transcripts, which implies a broader knowledge of how leadership works.

The Student Union Board has come back for a second time to try to persuade GSB to allocate $10,000 to the Cirque D’OR Golden Dragon Acrobats. SUB would like the group to come April 4, 2011. It will be free to all students and community members. After much persuading, GSB decided to grant their request for the funding.

KURE 88.5 FM is putting on a rock show called KURE Fest in the Maintenance Shop as an after break activity. GSB gave them $865 to pursue their event.