Ames City Council discusses the Healthy Life Center


Kennedy DeRaedt/Iowa State Daily

(left to right) Mayor John Haila and Chris Nelson, representative of the 4th Ward, listens to staff presentations at the Ames City Council meeting. Ames City Council held a meeting on Jan. 15 in City Hall to discuss the 2019-2024 Capital Improvements Plan. Staff members gave a presentation on their recommendations for the next five years.

Katie Ingle

Ames City Council discussed the details of the Healthy Life Center plan and recognized Ames organizations at its Tuesday night meeting. 

Steven Schainker, Ames City Manager, provided an overview of the current status of the Healthy Life Center project. Schainker discussed the construction, operating costs and other expenses involved in the plan. Fundraising for the Healthy Life Center has had continuous donations from donors, and the financial pledges have raised over $6 million.

The council discussed the expenses of the project at length to understand where all of the expenses come from. All council members asked clarifying questions to better understand the functions of the money throughout the plan.

When the public was invited to give input on the Healthy Life Center plan, Anne Kinzel, assistant director of the Iowa State University Bioeconomy Institute, had comments.

“We are plagued with a myriad of public health problems that we no longer address effectively,” Kinzel said. “Having a healthy life center in a city like Ames is a very modern way to address the health problems we are plagued with.”

The Healthy Life Center is in the process of being built, with intentions of becoming a service to the community of Ames. The center will be accessible to students and members of the Ames community. It will be equipped with a full gym and pool, including waterslides. The Center will be located just north of Ontario Street, along the CyRide route. There is not yet a set date of when the Healthy Life Center will be completed. The Healthy Life Center will be owned by Iowa State University.

Beverly Krumpel, ISU Alumni Association life member, was recognized as the recipient of the third-annual Making Democracy Work Award.  April 13, 2019 has been proclaimed “Bev Kruemple Making Democracy Work Day.”

The Making Democracy Work Award is nominated through the League of Women Voters of Ames & Story County. According to the the league, nominees must have “mobilized others to help effect beneficial change, is passionate about safeguarding Democracy and leads efforts to introduce public policy that promote fairness, equality and diversity.”

The National Boys and Girls Club was recognized and given a week dedicated to their organization. National Boys and Girls Club Week will be April 8-12, 2019.

The Home for Everyone Award was given to Ames Ecumenical Housing Organization and the Youth & Shelter Service (YSS). YSS has been operating for 30 years in Ames as a nonprofit, serving as an emergency shelter and placement program for the youth of Ames. The awards are presented by the Ames Human Relations Commission. 

The third reading of the ordinance to increase water rates by 7 percent was read and adopted. The ordinance will become effective July 1, 2019.