Beyer, State Gym renovations create balance for campus

Construction continues on the new aquatic center, located next to State Gym.

Karen Jennings

Two of Iowa State’s recreation facilities are in the process of being remodeled.

State Gym is receiving a new addition, and Beyer Hall is also under renovations, which should be completed by the fall of 2011.

Carpenters along with Michael Giles, director of recreation services, have been working on Beyer Hall since fall of 2009. In 2009, there was a student referendum, which allowed students to approve for an increase in student fees for existing recreation. 

The funding for Beyer gym comes primarily from students. Student fees for this phase of the project amount to $20 per semester for the first two years. In year three of the project, student fees would increase to the full amount of $107 per semester, according to Recreation Facilities Expansion and Renovations’s website.

The website listed the total cost of renovations at $52.8 million. Once the project is completed, student fees will be increased, Giles said. 

Giles decided to connect State Gym and Beyer Hall to provide easier access to both of the gyms. Giles and carpenters are in the process of renovating State Gym and parts of Lied.

Beyer Hall will have two stories. The gym will feature three full gyms; three courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton; a swimming pool; studio space; and sports club use.

State Gym’s renovations include its usual indoor track, outdoor recreations and the addition of a fitness area. The pool that once resided in State, was moved into the new addition. 

“[Putting Beyer and State together] gives a united feel to all facilities,” Giles said. “[The renovations will bring] equal opportunity on each side of the campus.”

The remodeling of the gyms is beneficial to students living on the west side of campus. Students will be able to swipe their cards in Beyer and go right into State Gym.

There will be equipment on the walkway between State and Beyer, so it becomes more convenient for students. Beyer and Lied gyms will have their locker rooms renovated, facilities air-conditioned, a new roof and upgraded equipment. The east side of the combined facilities will have fitness, wellness, mind and body activities.

Students can go to State and Beyer Gym for a closer, more convenient workout than traveling in all weather conditions to Lied.