Vaudt retains position as state auditor

Daily Staff

Dave Vaudt retained his position as state auditor over his opponent Jon Murphy in Tuesday’s election. At press time, the results had Vaudt leading the polls with 57 percent of the vote over Murphy’s 43 percent.

The state auditor provides audits of the financial operations of Iowa’s state and local governments to ensure that they’re open and accountable to citizens. They also review government activities to ensure they are conducted in an effective, efficient and legal manner, according to the Iowa State Auditor’s Office’s website.

The state auditor finds flaws in tax funds, such as the Iowa film program tax credits, which issued 80 percent of their tax credits improperly.

Vaudt has served as the state auditor from 2003-10 and was elected for four more years in the position. Vaudt audited for industries including governments while working in the certified public accountant firm of KPMG in Des Moines in which he was elected to partnership. He retired from this position in 2001 to pursue public office.

Vaudt was also a past chairman of National Association of State Boards of Accountancy and Iowa Accountancy Examining Board.

As state auditor, he traveled across Iowa educating people about the state’s budgeting practices.