Latham wins 4th Congressional District


Photo: Bryan Langfeldt/Iowa Stat

Tom Latham addresses the Republicans of Story County after winning re-election to the U.S House of Representatives on Tuesday, Nov. 2 at the Gateway Hotel.

Daily Staff

Republican Tom Latham was elected for the 4th Congressional District.

Latham won with 65 percent of the votes while Democrat Bill Maske trailed with 33 percent of the votes at press time. The remaining 2 percent of the votes went to Independent candidates.

Latham has served Congress since 1995, this being his ninth term served for Iowa. District 4 has voted for Republicans for more than 20 years and Latham aims to continue that. The 4th District covers 28 counties in northern and central Iowa, making it one of the largest in the state.

Maske challenged Latham to the congressional seat with new policies based on renewable energy, tax cuts and financial aid for those seeking higher education. He is a former city councilman and educator.

The House creates and passes laws and regulations that will benefit the district they represent, as well as the entire country. Hot topics in Congress have been the economy, the new health care bill and renewable energy.

“We are $13.4 trillion in debt. I have opposed what the problem is today as far as expansion and spending, and I hope to continue making an impact and saving Americans money,” Latham said in an interview with Iowa Public Television.

Latham plans to continue his mission specifically of fighting against the new health care bill and keeping costs of health care low. He also aims to keep taxes the same.

“I just think it’s wrong to raise taxes on anyone in the middle of a recession,” Latham said in an interview with Globe Gazette.

Latham aims to continue that fight on Capitol Hill when he returns to his congressional seat. He will be one of the many Republicans represented in Congress for the 2010 term.

In the House, 218 seats of the 435 need to be filled by either Republican candidates or Democratic candidates for control. The House for the next two years will mainly be ran by Republicans, who filled at least 208 seats at press time.

The House will have a total of five congressmen representing Iowa for the next two years, two Republicans and three Democrats.

“Voters will have a representative who actually listens to them, who actually is out there all the time trying to help them,” Latham said.

Latham and Maske were unavailable to be reached for contact.