I am equal


Courtesy photo: Tyler Parker

Tyler Parker displays his tattoo, an equal sign.

Tyler Parker, Senior In Art and Design

Yesterday, I took back the power that seemed to be missing from Tuesday’s election. I tattooed a single and small equal sign on my back because that is what I am equal. I ask for those of you who will read this and just see me as another fag to know me before deciding to strip me of the right to marry.

This campaign to oust was about morality triumphing over immorality and how same-sex marriages aren’t moral, or I am not moral because I am in a same-sex relationship. I am here to tell you, I am a moral person. I call my parents, I am the designated driver, I am faithful to my partner, and I look forward to a long life with him after we marry in September. Know me and my relationship before you decide to judge it as anything but moral. I am equal, and I now have the mark and still, in spite of Tuesday, the law to prove it.

The only way to change the minds of those who will never understand themselves is to know them and to let them know you. Know me before deciding for me. Know me before changing my life.