Twedt becomes Story County treasurer

Ben Theobald

On Tuesday night, Renee Twedt defeated her opponent, Amber Corrieri, in the race for Story County treasurer. At press time, the results of the race were 56 percent of the vote to Twedt and 43 percent to Corrieri, as reported by the Ames Tribune.

“I’m very grateful,” Twedt said. “I was greatly surprised by the numbers.”

Twedt has been an accountant working for individuals as well as corporate clients since 1988. She has participated in the local community by serving on the Board of Directors for the Paws of Life Foundation and has worked to promote civic development in Story County, according to her campaign website.

Twedt wants to ensure public funds are being handled by financial professionals in her capacity as Story County treasurer. She also hopes to deliver sound accounting and budgetary principles to Story County.

As treasurer, Twedt also plans to use knowledgeable and reliable accounting practices to guarantee responsible management of taxpayer money.

“I ran a very hard campaign and it didn’t turn out the way I was hoping to,” Corrieri said. “But I have a good job I can return to.”