Art of Living Club teaches meditation, relaxation

Alayna Flor

Iowa State’s Art of Living Club is open to anyone and everyone who wants to find peace of mind away from the stress and bustle of college life.

“We gather together and meditate. It relieves stress to help you get more focused,” said Achala Bhuwalka, president of the club and graduate student in chemistry.

AOL Club has been at Iowa State for about a year and is free of charge. The group has 28 members and looks forward to growing.

“AOL is for anyone and everyone, faculty, whoever. The more the merrier,” Bhuwalka said.

AOL Club began because it is traditional in India to meditate and is a great way for anyone to lead a healthier, relaxed life.

“A lot of my friends have done meditation back in India, and I knew it was something good to do with everything else going on,” Bhuwalka said. “We do everything in a group, warming up with yoga and some breathing exercises. Then we move on to meditation to relax the body and mind.”

Meditation “produces a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind … This process results in enhanced physical and emotional well-being,” according to an article from the Mayo Clinic.

Meditation can also help maintain calmness throughout the day. AOL Club helps teach meditation and other ways of relaxation.

“We will occasionally have a trained instructor come in and teach more complex meditation skills that are usually in five-day sessions,” Bhuwalka said.

All sessions are open to the public and are usually held in the Memorial Union. For the most part, regular sessions last an hour.

Because leadership positions have been changed, AOL Club has not had any meetings this year, but plans on starting up again soon. More information can be found about the club online.